Strategic Operations Services and business development consulting focused on healthcare retailers and suppliers.

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First name: Gerry
Last name: Spitzner
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Retailing, retail operations, customer experience, teaching, mentoring, new technology, strategic management, negotiation, marketing/advertising, public speaking, financial management, politics, auto racing, hockey, music, movies, my garden, great food. is a Vancouver-based retail consultancy that helps owners create, engage and retain great customers by doing the right thing, extraordinarily well.

Gerry Spitzner works as a management consultant and executive coach helping retail owners and their teams achieve exceptional results by aligning vision and marketing strategy with operational execution.

Drawing on 35+ years experience in multi-site retail operations, independent store ownership and wholesale supply-chain; Gerry brings the leadership, knowledge and market awareness of ownership and business development to retail owners and wholesale distributors to achieve growth objectives.

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